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Beckenham Quilters make quilts and other items for several groups as detailed below. They bear the label 'Made with love. Beckenham Quilters'


Quilts for the Premature Baby Unit at the  Princess Royal Hospital Special care baby Unit.


These quilts are used in the incubators and are 16 x 20 inches. Brightly coloured fabrics can be used and any design is welcome.

No buttons or surface decoration to be added as babies are placed on the quilts and the quilts are washed very frequently.


Memory Quilts


Made for the parents of babies who are still born. These quilts are A4 in size, white and quilted with white or cream thread.



 Demelza Neo-natal units at Eltham and Sittingbourne.  


These quilts are for babies who are terminally ill with a very short life expectancy and are also 16 x 20 inches. 

 These quilts are made of white fabric with polyester wadding,  and quilted with pastel threads, neutral or white with no surface decoration. These quilts are donated to the parents

The Red Box Project


This charity supplies Red Boxes to schools containing emergency supplies of sanitary towels, tampons, wipes etc for the use of girls 'caught short' or those who are hard up.

We are making fabric 'purses' as a useful and pretty addition.


There are many patterns but the one below has been used by BQ before and works well

Heart Cushions


 These heart shaped cushions have proved hugely helpful to women following breast or heart surgery. They sit under arm and keep the pressure off the sore bit to enable sleep, relief from tight seat belts and they look nice.

They are made from two pieces of fabric 16 x 16 inches - matching/contrast/fun but preferably bright and cheerful designs. Ribbon - 2 x 18 inches, one inch wide is ideal but any is good. Stuffing - cheap pillows are a great source. BQ has a template for the shape. we have made 50 plus of these so far and most have now been given away.

Heart cushion made by Stephanie


'Fidget quilts'- quilts for people with dementia


These quilts have proved to be very popular in local care homes that care for people with dementia.

The following guidelines give an indication of the best 'ingredients' and designs-


  • Must be washable at 40 degrees
  • Bright, contrasting background colours - no white.
  • No single background colour, or densely patterned fabric, break it up into highly contrasting squares, and  contrasting fiddly bits that don't blend in with the background. 
  • Buttons can be used  but must be large and very well stitched on, recommend sewing into the background fabric to give better purchase. and using crochet thread or perle.
  • Nothing sharp or pointed that could be used as a weapon, eg, keys
  • Little soft toys are good but  they must be securely stitched or preferably threaded on to the background square. 
  • Shiny, twinkly fabrics are good, but not sequins because they can be picked off. 
  • Different textures, rough, shiny, furry, spare crochet/knitted squares,  etc
  • Picture fabrics are good, and pockets with hidden items , stitched, not removable.
  • Bells and squeakers are good , squeakers hidden, bells threaded on ribbons which are well anchored.  
  • Cellophane squashed into a fabric bag makes a nice scrunchy sound.

Examples made by Anne are shown below-

Linus Quilts


The Linus charity encourages quilt groups to make cheery quilts for children and young people who are facing the challenge of illness, disability or family upheaval. The Linus charity has an excellent website-

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