Beckenham Quilters
Beckenham Quilters

BQ Constitution - last revised November 2018

  1. The name of the Group is Beckenham Quilters.
  2. The object of the Group is to encourage members to further their knowledge and enjoyment of all aspects of patchwork, quilting and associated craft.
  3. The membership shall consist of such numbers of individuals as the existing membership shall from time to time decide, within health and safety requirements.
  4. Beckenham Quilters shall be run by a Committee elected by the Members at the Annual General Meeting in April. The Committee shall consist of no fewer than six and no more than 10 Members.  The number shall be determined by the existing Committee Members to reflect the work needs of the Committee.  The term of office for each Committee Member is 3 years from the date of the AGM at which they were elected.  Members may be nominated to stand for one further consecutive term.
  5. The Committee will meet a minimum of four times per year and the quorum shall be half the number of Committee Members
  6. The officers of Beckenham Quilters can be Chair, Deputy Chair, Treasurer, Membership, but must be a minimum of Chair, Treasurer and Membership.
  7. Nominations (with a seconder) for vacancies on the Committee and for the officers must be made to the Chair no later than the February meeting prior to the AGM.  All nominations must have been made with the agreement of the nominee.
  8. The Committee may co-opt additional Members to serve until the next Annual General Meeting.
  9. A bank account in the name of Beckenham Quilters shall be administered by the Treasurer and any expenditure over £150 must be authorised in advance by at least two officers.  The Treasurer will present quarterly accounts and copies of bank statements to the Committee.
  10. The annual subscription for the ensuing year shall be fixed by the Committee and notified to the Members prior to the Annual General Meeting each year.
  11. Charges for meetings, workshops, and lectures shall be decided by the Committee, who are authorised also to award bursaries to Members.
  12. Expenses incurred by Committee Members or other Members of Beckenham Quilters in respect of the operational requirements, shall be recoverable by submitting a claim with supporting evidence to the Treasurer.
  13. Insurance: The Committee is responsible for ensuring that the Group is adequately insured for all activities undertaken by Beckenham Quilters, whether for its Members specifically or for the general public when this is appropriate. Beckenham Quilters has public liability insurance.
  14. The Membership Officer shall keep a Register of the members of Beckenham Quilters.
  15. The Treasurer shall keep proper records of the receipts and disbursements. An annual account of Beckenham Quilters’ finances shall be made up to 31st March and made available to the Members at the Annual General Meeting.
  16. Beckenham Quilters has a Data Protection Policy, which the committee will review annually.
  17. In the case of Beckenham Quilters deciding to discontinue as a group, any funds being held by the group at the time of closure should be distributed to a charity agreed by a simple vote by any remaining members.
  18. The committee will review the constitution annually and propose any changes to the membership for agreement. Members wishing to propose a change in the constitution may request an Extraordinary General Meeting of which the Chairman must be given at least three weeks’ written notice to call. Any such proposal to be signed by not fewer than five paid up members.
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