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Incubator quilt covers

BQ contact for more information: Pam Egan-Wyer


Some members make Incubator Quilts that are used at King’s College in their Premature Baby and Intensive Care Units. 

Babies born very early need to be kept as dark and quiet as possible to mirror conditions in the womb.  There is a hole with a flap cover in the design with velcro fastening. This allows staff access to the babies without removing the cover.


The top of the covers can be made with whole fabric of a child-like design, or in patchwork.  The brighter the better as they are often given to the parents to take home and be used as playmats. The reverse must be black or navy so no light gets through. So the usual three layers: dark backing, wadding and a pretty top quilted together and bound at the edge.


Finished quilts should be 41" x 41" with an arched shape hole (12" tall by 10" wide) cut from the middle of one edge. This "hole" is then covered with a rectangular flap (14" by 12"), attached to the main quilt at the edge (ie. the flap folds down when opened) and attached when closed at the top with velcro. The instructions and a template for the access hole, can be downloaded from the links at the bottom of this page.


The NHS has to pay £300 each to purchase commercial covers which are quite dull in design, so our gifting of these covers brightens up the unit for staff and families, and saves quite a bit of money that can be spent on other things.


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