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The Ruby Challenge 2019 > suitcase collection

Two challenges in one!

BQ will be forty years old in 2019 so we will celebrate our RUBY anniversary.

BQ members are challenged to produce a quilt measuring 16” by 20” (portrait or landscape) the content of which is inspired by ruby. It is entirely up to you how you interpret "Ruby".

It should be unframed and does not need a sleeve. Please note that it is important that the quilt is the correct size

Your entry will be entered into the BQ exhibition in Spring 2020 and will be judged by an independent Judge - and could win a prize.

After that it will be retained by BQ to be part of a new suitcase collection*.

Our exhibition will be in Spring 2020 and you will be given details of deadlines for entries nearer the date but you may store your entry with Polly or Jenni beforehand if you wish.


* BQ has two suitcase collections. Quite simply, BQ members have made small quilts that will fit in a suitcase and reflect their particular techniques and skill at that time.  Easy to store and an excellent resource when giving talks about quilting it is ten years since BQ produced one.

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