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Meeting programme 2021/22          

We are now offering temporary online membership for the period May to July 2021 inclusive, for the one off fee of £10. This would allow non-members to join all our meetings, receive email updates, have access to recordings of these meetings , and join our closed Facebook Group for the period of membership. Please contact us if you are interested.


Date Meeting Where Non-members welcome for a fee of £4 (March 2021 meeting £3)

11th May 2021

NB not first Tuesday in the month


Cas Holmes - "Painting with cloth: landscapes" - talk by a textile artist who uses paint dye, layer and stitch combined with discarded cloth, paper and found materials to create unique surfaces.


Zoom yes

8th June 2021

NB not first Tuesday in the month

Angie Attwood - a talk and demo on using Westalee rulers. Zoom yes
6th July 2021


Carolyn Gibbs - "Success with stripes" - a talk showing how to achieve stunning effects in blocks and borders with striped fabrics, including tips on how to make them meet perfectly in mitred corners.


Zoom yes
3rd August 2021


"Made with love" - charity projects sew and tell.

to be confirmed no
3rd September 2021


Pam Egan-Wyer - "Drowning in scraps" - a talk on how to sort and use your scraps, including: strip quilting, postage stamp techniques, crazy quilting and much more.


to be confirmed yes
5th October 2021


Crafting Christmas decorations - a workshop.


to be confirmed no
2nd November 2021


Kate Findlay - "Working in series" - a talk including highlights from the Hadron Collider series, the Henley series, some of her licensed work and her landscape and animals series.


to be confirmed yes
7th December 2021


Christmas get together


to be confirmed no

11th January 2022

NB not first Tuesday in the month

"Seasons" - a suitcase collection from the Traditional Quilt Group. to be confirmed yes
1st February 2022


Nicola Walton - "It all started with a hexagon" - a talk plus pop up shop from the proprietor of Daisy & Grace.


to be confirmed yes
1st March 2022


Diana McKinnon - "Photographic inspiration" - a talk by this textile artist who loves to manipulate fabrics to capture light and colour. By layering a variety of fabrics she achieves depth and the viewer to feel that they can enter the landscape.


to be confirmed yes
5th April 2022


Annual General Meeting


to be confirmed no








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